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Condensation Cure Guarantee


Condensation Cure Guarantee

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Whenever someone purchases an Ebac Dehumidifier, there is complete peace of mind.
That’s because all Ebac Dehumidifiers come complete with a 100% no quibble Condensation Cure Guarantee.
If, for whatever reason, an Ebac Dehumidifier has not cured a homes condensation problem, just contact our Customer Service Team who will arrange a full refund.


Here’s how an Ebac Dehumidifier can Cure Condensation…

Coldest Point in the House Window Bucket Icon
Excess moisture is attracted to the coldest point in the house During winter, this is a window – where the external temperature cools the glass. The excess moisture in the house then condenses on the cold window, causing condensation. A dehumidifier stops this through becoming the coldest point in the house.

What Is Condensation?

Condensation is the process where water vapour becomes liquid. It is the reverse of evaporation, where liquid water becomes a vapour. And, because modern houses are like sealed boxes, moisture created from showering, cooking and even breathing builds up and has nowhere to escape.

During colder months when the outside temperature drops, surrounding surface area temperatures such as windows, walls and glass also drop.
When warm moist air comes into contact with the colder surfaces, the moisture condenses and forms water droplets, otherwise known as condensation.

An Ebac Dehumidifier works in the same process and stops this through becoming the coldest point in the home so the moisture is attracted to the dehumidifier and trapped into a water container at the bottom of the machine for safe disposal.

The Damage Condensation Can Do

If left unsolved, the build-up of moisture will cause a range of problems that can damage furnishings, fittings and even affect the health of people in the home.

An Ebac Dehumidifier should, therefore, be used as soon as signs of excess moisture start to appear, such a condensation, damp or mould.

No matter how big or small the problem is it will develop into greater longer-lasting problems that get harder to control, maintain and prevent if left unsolved so it’s time to take control.

How Do Ebac Smart Control Dehumidifiers Cure Condensation?

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