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Dehumidifier Technology


Patented Smart Control

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Unlike simple humidistats, Smart Control will switch the unit off when the problem is solved and ONLY switch back on when required.
An Ebac Smart Control Dehumidifier will not just solve condensation, damp and mould faster, but save on running costs too!

How Does Smart Control Work?

How does Ebac’s Patented Smart Control work?

With the ability to continually monitor a homes environment, Smart Control tells the dehumidifier when to work, and more importantly, when not to.
It uses data to understand a home; this ensures the optimal performance of the dehumidifier – minimising running costs and providing a fast resolution of condensation, damp and mould compared to other dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifier Control Methods

Because of changing conditions inside and outside the home, adjustable humidistats need to be changed, and reset, multiple times throughout the day – ideally every hour.

If the setting of the dehumidifier is not right, the dehumidifier will run when it doesn’t need to, or even at the wrong setting! Thus, wasting time, money and electricity.

Unlike humidistats, Ebac’s Patented Smart Control will solve the problem quicker and better through keeping moisture levels at the optimum level through detecting when to operate, switching on and off when needed.

Choose Ebac and Choose Once

With over 1.25 million dehumidifiers sold and over 4 decades of experience, we’re confident that an Ebac Dehumidifier is not just going to do its job, but stand the test of time!

Ebac’s patented technologies; Smart Control and Intelligent Defrost work together to remove just the right amount of moisture from a home without costing a fortune.
Smart Control keeps moisture levels in check – when required – while Intelligent Defrost identifies when performance drops from ice build-up and starts the defrost process.

All Ebac Dehumidifiers come with Next Day Delivery and unbeatable Parts & Labour Warranties as well as a Condensation Cure Guarantee.
This is a no quibble guarantee from Ebac. So if for whatever reason, are not satisfied with an Ebac Dehumidifier, we will offer a full refund.

How Do Ebac Dehumidifiers With Smart Control Cure Condensation?

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Condensation Cure Guarantee

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