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Moisture In The Home & How To Control It


Moisture In The Home & How To Control It

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One surprising thing for homeowners can be the presence of moisture in a home and what that moisture brings along with it.
Moisture refers to the amount of water in the air, and most people recognise it in the form of condensation, damp and mould.

But, just because there is no visible sign of moisture doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem!
In fact, here at Ebac, we think EVERYONE could benefit from taking a little more notice of the moisture in their home.

Ideal Humidity Level

Where does Moisture In The Home come from?

We produce moisture just from living our lives.
A shocking 10-50 litres of moisture is released inside our homes that has to end up somewhere!
Activities like showering, laundering, cooking and even breathing, all add moisture to a home.

But the list doesn’t stop there…

House Moisture Infographic

What Happens When There's Too Much Moisture?

Before, when homes weren’t built like sealed boxes, moisture could escape through gaps in windows, lofts and cracks in walls where it would be replaced with fresh air from the outside.
However, because homes have no natural escape route, this trapped moisture, in turn, causes condensation, damp and mould.

But moisture in the home can cause other problems too.

Too much moisture spawns the growth of some of the most common allergens which can be detrimental to our health.
These allergens which include dust, mould and mildew, all of which thrive in moisture, cause a range of unnecessary symptoms such as coughing and sneezing.


Rid Your Home Of Moisture

The fastest and easiest process to reduce moisture and the chance of damage is to ventilate.
Here are the main spots to start:

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Fans
    Focus on the areas that create the most moisture, like the kitchen and bathroom. When bathing, cooking or showering, make sure that extractor fans are on high power. This will extract excess moisture from boiling pots and pans and steam from the bathroom. If possible, open windows for extra ventilation. Where possible, keep doors shut so the moisture doesn’t escape into other parts of the house.
  • Consider a Dehumidifier.
    Using a Dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air that we aren’t able to prevent ourselves. Their sole purpose is to keep homes moisture to an optimum level, so the air is more comfortable and there are fewer signs of damp air – such as condensation and mould.
  • Open Windows
    A simple but effective solution to improve the ventilation of a home in a cost-effective manner is to open windows. This will release some of the warm, moist air that is trapped in the house. However, living in the UK often means it’s too cold for us to do this all the time, which isn’t perfect.

Here at Ebac, we believe that no matter what a home will benefit from a Dehumidifier.

With over 1.25 million sold, we’re so confident that our Dehumidifiers will eliminate condensation, damp and mould that all our Dehumidifiers come with a Condensation Cure Guarantee.

And not just that, our Dehumidifiers have a range of features suitable for the following applications: Air Purification Mode, Condensation Cure Guarantee, Laundering and Smart Control.



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