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Ebac Foundation

Ebac Foundation

Protecting British
Manufacturing Forever

Ebac Foundation logo

Ebac Limited is now part of the
Ebac Foundation

All profits are reinvested back into the company to generate growth
and more jobs, and into to the community to sponsor training,
education and sport.

ebac foundation principles

“We firmly believe that the success of every company relies on the people and their community.”

John Elliott MBE

Understanding customers needs and developing innovative quality products are key to success, but it’s the people who make this happen and communities in which they live that help everyone fulfill their potential.

A successful business attracts the attention of potential buyers, or risks being floated on the stock exchange. But John Elliott has never considered this path. John maintains that although he owns the shares, the business is not his to sell and this is why the shares were are placed in a foundation.

The Ebac Foundation was set up in 2012. The principles of the foundation were signed by the trustees – John Elliott MBE DL, Paul Elliott and Cliff Laverick and presented to staff, dignitaries and all Ebac employees at a ceremony in the Ebac manufacturing facility.

Our core principles


Focus on trading and development for the future.


Provide opportunities for employees to fulfil their potential.


Reinvest profits into the business.


Being part of and supporting the wider community.

The Ebac Foundation long term view

A long term view

There are no private or institutional shareholders, which means Ebac does not have to pay dividends and the shares cannot be sold. This allows the business to take a long term view and invest any profits into the development of the business.