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AWM96D2-WH White

Drum CapacitySpin SpeedWarrantyCold Fill

Built for an exceptional clean that protects and cares for clothes, the E-Care+ AWM96D2-WH washing machine combines a strong and robust 9kg plasma welded drum, 1600rpm spin speed and a choice of 24 settings for faster washes with less fuss.

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E-Care + 9kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine



Finance Option Available

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Personalise your wash

Whether its technology, practicality or flexibility you’re looking for, Ebac’s My Wash is a clever programme that allows you to select and save your favourite wash with any extras you need for super quick set up.

Designed and built in the UK

Ebac Washing Machines are the first domestic washing machines to be designed and manufactured in the UK in over a decade.

Key Features

As all of our products come direct from our own UK based factory, we are able to offer a range of unbeatable benefits.

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    Peace of Mind Guarantee

    With a free 7 year warranty that covers both parts and labour, we’ve got you covered for any situation.
    This means that all parts and labour are included free of charge for the first 7 years of your washing machine’s life.

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    Ebac’s constant strive for innovation means our washing machines keep resource to a minimum to ensure efficient operation.

  • Jet Propelled Cleaning

    Designed for the best possible clean, Ebac washing machines use injection technologies to circulate water around the drum and introduce a frequent flow of water to activate detergent for a quicker, better clean.

  • Inverter Driven Motor

    Our Inverter Driven Motor delivers more efficient power with less noise than standard washing machine motors due to its brushless design.

  • Drum Cleaning Programme

    Designed to clean the machine and keep it operating to its optimum performance, our Drum Cleaning Programme removes bacteria and dirt build up in the drum, pipes and tub area.

  • Choice of 24 Settings

    With a face for every lifestyle, Ebac washing machines have a choice of 24 settings to ensure functionality for life’s changing moments.

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    Money Back Guarantee

    We’re so confident that your E-Care will care for your clothes, we are offering you a 60 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, we will fully refund your purchase price.

About Ebac Washing Machines

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Dimensions & Weight

Height: 84.5cm
Width: 59.5cm
Depth: 62cm


Energy rating: A+++
Can be stacked: No
Water fill: Cold
Motor: Digital Inverter


Cotton Saver
Drum Clean
Allergy Care
Hand/Wool Wash
My Wash
Spin Only
Rinse & Spin


Variable spin
Variable temperature
Rinse Hold
Extra Rinse
Easy Iron

Warranty & Service

7 year parts and labour warranty
UK based customer care team is available before and after purchase

Capacity & Performance

Max spin speed: 1600 rpm
Wash load capacity: 9kg
Wash performance: A
Spin performance: C

Controls & Display

Controls: Digital
Display: LED


Wash stage indicator
Time remaining indicator
Delay start
Child lock
Audio sound buzzer
Time saver
Instant door unlocking
Quick release detergent drawer
Large porthole
Wide door opening
Perfect Wash Protection


Type: Freestanding
Door opening: 165 (degrees)

Range & SKU

Range: E-Care +
Model: AWM96D2-WH

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What is the difference between the different energy ratings?

There are generally 3 types of energy ratings from A+ to A+++. A+++ is up to 28% more efficient than an A++, that is 24% more efficient than a A.

What size drum do I need?

Choosing the right drum size can save you time and money by reducing the amount of wash loads, energy and water used each week. As a general guide a 6Kg machine is suitable for 2 people, a 7Kg machine is suitable for 2-3 people, a 8Kg machine is suitable for 3-4 people and a 9Kg machine is suitable for 4-5 people however this can depend on the frequency of your washing requirements.

Does the warranty cover parts and labour?

With our 7kg washing machines, you receive a 7 year parts and labour warranty. You must register your warranty within 28 days of purchase date, full terms and conditions can be found in the terms of use section of our website.

Which wash cycle temperatures does the dual fill work on?

Dual fill has been designed to work across all low and high temperatures as it mixes both hot and cold water to achieve the desired result.

Do I need any special plumbing to use dual fill?

No, all you need is a hot and cold water feed for the washing machine to be installed on to.

What are the benefits of Dual fill over cold only fill?

Dual fill offers faster wash cycles, lower running costs and prolongs the life of the heater element when compared to cold fill only machines.

Do I use detergent with the drum clean cycle?

No, this programme is designed to be used without any detergent.

How do you access the pump filter?

To access the pump filter simply push down the front kick plate cover using the indents on each side to give you complete access. We even supply a 7″ drain hose to help you empty any excess water before opening the pump.

Can I stack your washing machine on top of a tumble dryer?

No, you can not stack an Ebac washing machine on top or underneath any other appliance.

Does the machine have a half load button?

Our machines have precision 360 sensor technology that automatically calculates the exact amount of water and energy required to use for each load. This replaces the need for a manual half load button.

Can I use both hot and cold water supply to the machine?

Yes, we have a selection of models that will accept both hot and cold water supplied known as Dual fill available across all our ranges.

How do you remove the soap detergent draw?

To remove the soap detergent draw simply pull the draw open and then press the small grey button in the centre of the softener compartment for a quick release.

How many feet can you adjust?

Our machines have two front feet that can be adjusted up and down.

Can I use liquid detergent?

Yes, you can use liquid detergent in our machines when used in our soap detergent draw with our specially designed liquid boat accessory (supplied).

How long is the mains power cable?

The mains cable comes supplied with a 1.5m main cable with plug.

How long is the drain hose supplied?

The machine comes supplied with a 1.5m drain outlet hose.


The Ebac E-Care+ 9kg Washing Machine comes with a free 7 year parts and labour warranty. You can find more information in the FAQs section.

Product Manual

Ebac provide standard installation only, your previous machine must be removed prior to arrival of your new Ebac washing machine.


Ebac will remove your previous washing machine from your home for disposal only, your previous machine must be uninstalled prior to arrival of your new Ebac washing machine.

9 reviews for E-Care + 9kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine

  1. victor fletcher

    first class machine all round

  2. Mrs Patterson

    Have waited along time to buy a British made wahing machine. Purchased in 2018, and so pleased with how easy it is to keep clean. The soap drawer and water jets are a breeze to clean as is the door seal, because of the good design. For once someone has designed based on using it! I have had a problem that has meant the return of my machine, but, this is the test, after care!! and to my surprise may I say this cannot be faulted either. You are not left holding on the line whatever time of the day, the staff are lovely and everything has been sorted perfectly, even sending me out a loan machine while mine is being sorted! The new courier DX are also very good. I always say the company/product is only as good as the aftercare when something goes wrong, which it does sometimes, and I have been pleasantly surprised. Five stars all round.

  3. John Howard

    We have had ours for two and a half years now, since Ebac started marketing them, and it is working fine. It is a dual fill machine so it is saving us money as we have solar pv and hot water….

  4. Johnn A.J. Preece

    We have three Ebac products and have been very pleased with all of them, our latest is a washing machine which we have had since July 2017. The only very small problem is that my wife finds that to remove the access plate to the drain very stiff, so I have to do this.

  5. Dean

    We have had our machine since April 2018 and have not had a problem since. It is used every day as we are a larger family and children only stay clean for 5 minutes. Love the dual fill and the wash cycles are fairly short as a full load can be as little as one hour thirty minutes. We can hold a conversation at normal volume whilst it spins a full load. Would not hesitate to recommend or buy another Ebac washing machine.

  6. E Fairchild

    Absolutely delighted with my washing machine. It is really well made and so simple to use. Having a 5 year warranty and then a further 5 year parts warranty on top (as standard) gives me peace of mind for the next 10 years plus has saved me another £200 for an extended warranty agreement. Machine is really quite and efficient. I would certainly recommend.

  7. Andrew

    This is without doubt the best washing machine we have ever had.Fantastic value for money, it is so quiet, brilliant washes with many wash options,very large drum.Exceptional build quality and it is a smart design.Ebac need to get more retailers to sell their goods.Please start making dishwashers next!

  8. David Abbott

    Very pleased to see a top quality washing machine being prouced in the UK again. Very pleased with my purchase to date. Keep up the good work.

  9. Jullan Smith

    Only two things about this machine irritate me: 1) When the knob is ‘off’ the light simply goes out. This is a silly ideosyncracy: the light bar should remain lit, but in the ‘off’position. 2) Short wash is not available with fastest spin – and there is no provision for a ‘spin only’ , taking 10 minutes, only a rinse and spin taking far too long. Needs a short wash cycle of 30 minutes with 1600 spin.

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