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Engineered to Last 10 Years

By John Elliott MBE DL, Chairman & Founder

Your Washing Machine is the workhorse of your home.

It needs to be built to withstand the pressures from washing a full load and spinning at high speed.

Ebac washing machines have been designed to have a lifespan of 10 years. Much longer than cheaper alternatives.

Ebac is a unique British employee owned company with almost 50 years experience of making equipment that is reliable. We’ve designed and manufactured equipment for the Construction Industry, The British Army, Railway Rolling Stock Companies and many other global businesses. Ebac Washing Machines have been engineered and manufactured to last. The components we use are the best we can make and source anywhere in the world.

What’s better in an Ebac washing Machine ?

Thick Metal Frame
Ebac uses thicker metal that not only makes the product more robust and durable but it also helps reduce noise.

High Quality Brushless Inverter Motor
The motor is the heart of your washing machine. Ebac Washing Machine use very high quality motors that are brushless – no contact parts. This makes the Washing Machine much quieter. The motor also lasts a long time because there is no brushes within the motor. The inverter driven motor also saves energy.

Thicker and more durable plastics
A significant amount of a Washing Machine is plastic. Ebac are plastic experts, moulding the plastics used in our own factory – where we have direct control over quality. We use the best type of plastic and the right quality specification to ensure durability and strength on all plastic components. No cost cutting with cheaper materials

2 Pieces Drum Casing
Having a 2 piece drum casing allows much easier maintenance and repair should the drum need maintenance. Many washing machines only have a 1 piece casing which makes maintenance much more difficult.

Plasma Welded Drum
The Washing Machine Drum is expertly manufactured by Ebac. Designed and built to be strong and last a long time. Plasma Welding gives high reliability and repeat-ability, as well as an accurate precision in the mechanical positioning of joints. This is a much better process.

High Quality Bearings
Bearings receive a lot of wear and tear in your machine. The bearings support the drum and are very important in having a good washing machine despite high usage. Therefore using high quality bearings is key to reliability

High Quality Pump Mechanism
The pump mechanism pumps water into and out of the Washing Machine. Like the bearings it does a lot of work. Having a high quality pump is vital to ensuring the durability of the Washing Machine.

The combination of all these components is the determining factor in how reliable and durable your Washing Machine will be. Any Washing Machine is only as strong as the weakest link hence every part needs to be reliable. Ebac Washing Machines are designed and built to last.

Ebac Washing Machines thoroughly wash without over running – giving you thoroughly clean washing in a faster time with less water and energy use and reducing the wear and tear on your machine.