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Buy A Washing Machine That Doesn’t Over-run

Save time, Save money and Save energy. Many washing machines from leading brands, including Samsung and LG, are designed to over-run in order to achieve favorable scores from Which? Tests.

Ebac washing machines don’t over-run.. Over-running causes many problems. It takes longer to wash your clothes, costs more money, uses more water and energy. It also reduces the lifespan on your washing machines.

Learn Why Washing Machine Tests Are Totally Misleading.

With John Elliott MBE Dl. Chairman & Founder.

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Wash Thoroughly, Don’t Wash Longer

By John Elliott MBE DL, Chairman & Founder

Ebac washing machines are rated EXCELLENT on Trust Pilot and the overwhelming feedback we’ve received from our customers is that they love their Ebac Washing Machine.

There are thousands of Ebac Washing Machines in daily use and this is a far better test than an arbitrary Which? laboratory trial.

We were very surprised when Which? claimed Ebac Washing Machines didn’t wash well. Here’s our view of the how Which? award Best Buys.

We simply couldn’t believe or understand how our very popular washing machines did not get a Best Buy rating from Which?

We had spent over 100,000 hours developing our machine – testing, speaking to customers and engineering a product to the very highest standards. We know it’s a superb product. But Which? didn’t think so. They said it didn’t wash very well on their laboratory test. A test that is nothing like the washing of most of the population.

When we examined the Which? testing programme we discovered why. Which? do not test normal washing, they only test washing that has a range of very severe stains. The only way to remove or reduce severe stains is to wash for a prolonged period of time – far longer than is required for normal washing.

Our research showed that 97% of people have ‘normal’ washing without severe stains. When they have severe stains they use a pre-treatment product like Vanish or wash the stained garment on its own with a prewash program or intensive stain setting. The majority of people do not wash heavily stained garments the same way they wash normal washing.

Ebac Washing Machines are designed to wash normal washing and not keep running when the wash is complete.

We thought if we presented our reasons for designing our washing machine to Which? they would agree with us. They did not. They repeated their position that their members said that removing stains was the most important aspect of buying a Washing Machine. Which? claimed it didn’t matter if a Washing Machine washed normal washing well. Which? were not prepared to even consider changing their position. It is this policy from Which? that has resulted in other manufacturers designing machines that over run in order to win awards from Which? This misleads consumers – costs the consumers time, money and uses too much energy.

Ebac never considered designing a washing machine in order to be awarded a Which? Best Buy. To get a Which? Best Buy award a Washing Machine would routinely over-run. Wasting time, electricity, water and increasing the wear and tear from increased washing/agitation.

Ebac prioritise the needs of consumers over artificial and irrelevant tests. We think a much more accurate view of the performance of our products is the EXCELLENT rating our Washing Machines have achieved from real customers on Trust Pilot.

Which? did award Ebac Washing Machines 5 stars for energy and reported that our machine also “uses less water” and “was quicker and quieter than most”. On these features the Ebac Washing Machine did better than all of the other Which? Best Buys.

For the majority of washing an Ebac Washing Machine will outperform all of Which? Best Buys. You may think this is hard to believe. How can an organisation like which be wrong? Ebac has now sold thousands of Washing Machines and thousands of real customers would agree.

Ebac Washing Machines thoroughly wash without over running – giving you thoroughly clean washing in a faster time with less water and energy use and reducing the wear and tear on your machine.