A single order of 16 dehumidifiers

From a single order of 16 dehumidifiers, John Elliott and his brothers fashioned together a basic manufacturing plant in a family poultry farm and delivered the order on time and on budget. This one order was to be the start of something big.

Growth throughout the 1970’s

Encouraged by the popularity of their products with their first customer - Ebac continued to grow and develop. Builder dryers were developed – better than any of the competition and customers loved them. By 1979 Ebac had reach £1m turnover for the very first time.

1980’s Consumer revolution

Domestic Dehumidifiers

Ebac now takes it’s industrial expertise and applies it to consumer products. By the end of the 1980’s Ebac are now the leading brand of dehumidifier and selling almost 100,000 units per year.

Condensation & Damp

Families suffering with condensation and damp now have a solution and thousands buy Ebac’s new domestic dehumidifier.

MBE for John Elliott

John Elliott is awarded an MBE by the Queen for services to small business. A recognition of his outstanding success and contribution to the local community.

1990’s Global Expansion

Growth in the USA for industrial dehumidifiers and growth throughout Europe for domestic dehumidifiers see Ebac enjoy even more growth.

Ebac launch their first Watercooler

Using all their product design and manufacturing excellence Ebac enter the fast growing watercooler market and achieve immediate success.

Market leaders

Within a few years Ebac are now market leaders of dehumidifiers and watercoolers in the UK and Europe.

Technology Leadership

Patents for the innovative Smart Control system and Watertrail technology are gained and cement Ebac’s position as innovators in all markets.

2000’s Continued Success

The new millennium sees Ebac continue to grow. With turnover now over £40m and 250 employees Ebac has become a County Durham institution.

New Market Opportunities of 2010’s

Solid growth in the dehumidifier and watercooler market of previous decades had now reduced and Ebac embarked on it’s most adventurous project ever. Entering the washing machine market with a £8m investment into plant and facilities.

One button control

Using all their product design and manufacturing excellence Ebac enter the fast-growing washing machine market and achieve immediate success.

Immediate response

It quickly becomes apparent that Ebac’s washing machine is a hit. Becoming the highest rated machine on Trust Pilot and selling out several times in the first 36 months. Ebac scales up production to meet consumers demand for higher quality longer lasting appliances with lower environmental impact.