Elevate the comfort level of your home and bid farewell to condensation and moisture issues once and for all!


Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Ideal for new build projects

Full home ventilation

Ebac DHR

Dehumidification with Heat Recovery

Solves all condensation, damp and mould issues

Fast and easy installation in hours

88% Heat Recovery

Fresh, dry air without
the heat loss of
standard ventilation

CO2 Sensor

Protect your home with
real time monitoring

Fresh Air in Summer

Heat recovery bypass
to introduce cooler air
in summer

Acoustic thermal lining

32mm lining to give
quiet operation with
special absorption

Made in Britain

All manufactured to
very high standards
here in the UK

G4 Air Filters

Removes pollen, pollution and dust

Analyses external air

Temperature and Absolute
Humidity are measured

Analyses internal air

Humidity, temperature and flow rate are analysed

Excess moisture & CO2 removed

Smart Control automatically determines the right levels of purged air

Patented Smart Control system

Humidity, temperature and flow rate are analysedAI removes enough air to solve the moisture problems - no more no less. Other systems remove more air that is needed and expel more heat than necessary.

Why Choose Ebac Ventilation Service?

Expert Advice & Home Survey

Our team of engineers will analyse your specific
issues and house then recommend the right solution. Our team will recommend the most appropriate solution and installation plan.

Expert System Design

Our highly skilled system designers will design the optimal ventilation system for your house in the most economical way.

National Installation

Our highly experienced team will then visit your property and install the system - usually in around one day.

We handle the entire process from start to finish

Expert Installation Team

Over 50 years of experience in ventilation

The Smart Control Advantage

Save up to £150 per year
on running costs

Since 1972 Ebac have been developing ventilation systems for customers all over the world. From commercial and residential applications through some of the most complex and difficult settings environments.

The British Army

In 1991 Ebac engineered the ventilation systems to protect the British Army field hospitals in the gulf war.

London Underground Jubilee Line

Used by millions of commuters every day, the Jubilee line’s air ventilation system was engineered and built by Ebac.