There’s a big difference between dehumidifiers

Buying a dehumidifier can be a minefield. Let us help you make the best decision for your home.

Types of dehumidifier


Ideal for UK domestic applications like removing damp and condensation


Reasonable for small levels of water extraction


Not suitable for UK domestic applications due to the very high running costs

Chemical absorption

Only work in very small areas such as cupboards

Control system

There are three controls systems to consider. As the optimal level of humidity to prevent damp and condensation can vary in the UK, you need an intelligent control system to manage this.

Smart Control

An automatic intelligent control system that adapts to the changing environment and controls the dehumidifier accordingly. Lower running costs and a faster solution to damp and condensation problems.

Preset humidistat

The worst control system. Not only is it not automatic and intelligent but forces humidity to be set at a pre-determined level. This type of control system will be the worst-performing of them all.

Infinite humidistat

Although a humidistat does not have the advantages of Smart Control, an infinite humidistat allows the humidity settings to be changed in smaller, 1 degree increments. A better solution than a preset humidistat.

Extraction rates

Too much

Removing more than 2 litres per day is pointless and expensive.

Too little

Removing too little moisture will not solve your problem.

Just right

Removing up to 2 litres per day is the perfect amount.

Running costs

Don’t be fooled by claims of “low energy” dehumidifiers. Unless a dehumidifier has a smart control system it will run too much in the UK climate and cost a lot more to run, regardless of its energy rating. Equally, one that doesn’t run enough will not solve your problem.

3 Bedroom Home Running Costs Comparison

UK climate

Ebac is the only dehumidifier designed and manufactured in the UK for the UK climate. Most other dehumidifiers are manufactured in Asia and designed with the same configuration to work in any country across the world, regardless of the climate.