Dehumidifier Brand Comparison: Ebac, Meaco & DeLonghi

8th Mar 2024

Dehumidifier Brand Comparison: Ebac, Meaco & DeLonghi

Ebac, Meaco and DeLonghi are the top dehumidifier brands. But one stands out from the crowd. Here, we’ll compare the brands on the most critical factors, including:

  • Control system
  • Price
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water extraction
  • Manufacturing location

That way, you’ll be fully informed when you buy your dehumidifier!

Dehumidifier Control System

One of the fatal flaws of Meaco and DeLonghi dehumidifiers is their control systems. The settings of basic humidistats need to constantly be altered for them to work to your home’s Relative Humidity.

Ebac dehumidifiers have an automatic control system. This monitors the air’s humidity and adjusts the functioning of the dehumidifier accordingly.

Dehumidifier Price

The brands’ dehumidifier prices are similar, ranging from £140 to £300. Meaco and DeLonghi dehumidifiers are slightly cheaper because they’re manufactured in Asia, with cheaper parts.

You pay a fraction more for Ebac dehumidifiers, but you get top-quality UK parts.

Dehumidifier Carbon Footprint

As Meaco and DeLonghi dehumidifiers remove more moisture from the air than necessary, they run for longer. They also can’t switch themselves off – you have to do it, and it’s easy to forget. This increases your carbon footprint.

With their automatic control system, Ebac’s dehumidifiers turn themselves off when they’re not needed. This reduces your carbon footprint and could save you up to £55 on energy bills per year.

Dehumidifier Water Extraction

For a home with 2 occupants, dehumidifiers need to remove 1 litre of moisture per day. For 5-occupant houses, 2 litres must be extracted.

Meaco dehumidifiers have a large extraction capacity – up to 25 litres. This extraction rate is too great for UK home use. DeLonghi dehumidifiers extract up to 10 litres. Again, this is too much for UK homes.

Ebac dehumidifiers, however, are manufactured to remove just the right amount of moisture to prevent damp and condensation.

Dehumidifier Manufacturing Location

Meaco is a UK company. However, its dehumidifiers are manufactured in China. Chinese-manufactured dehumidifiers aren’t fit for UK domestic dwellings because they’re tailored to the European climate. They’re built to deal with high heat and low humidity, not low UK temperatures.

You have the same problem with DeLonghi. Once made in Italy, DeLonghi’s dehumidifiers are now also made in China.

Ebac is a UK company that manufactures its dehumidifiers right here in the UK. Its dehumidifiers are purpose-built for UK houses, so they’ll work perfectly in your home.

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