How To Dry Laundry Indoors – The Mumsnet Verdict

12th Mar 2018

On the 8th of February 2018 Ebac and Mumsnet launched a campaign to prove just how useful an Ebac dehumidifier is for indoor laundry drying. A month later and we are delighted to say it was a huge success – see the feedback thread here.

What was the reason for the campaign?

The UK’s wet climate often leaves no other choice than to dry laundry indoors. Without the space or budget for a tumble dryer, radiators and airers can be the only way to get laundry dry. This takes time, creates space problems and leads to a build up of condensation around the home. An Ebac dehumidifier efficiently dries laundry but unlike a tumble dryer eliminates excess moisture from the air helping solve condensation and dampness. This not only prevents mould and unpleasant odours but filters the air during use helping improve air quality throughout the home.

For the purpose of this test we used the 3850e dehumidifier model.

What did Mumsnetters have to say?

What did you feel were the benefits of using the dehumidifier over your usual method of drying laundry indoors?

“Usually the washing would still be very damp in the morning after being hung up last thing at night but I was amazed that every single item was dry when I checked it.”

“There was much less condensation on the windows, the air felt drier and softer almost, the washing was dried a lot quicker than hanging it over the radiators and the room felt a lot drier and warmer than it had before”.

How much water was collected/removed?

“I used the dehumidifier for 24 hours and during that time dried a load of washing. It was full after 24 hours! I couldn’t believe that that much moisture would normally be lurking in my house.”

“The tank was full every other day”

Would you continue to use this product and recommend it to a friend or family member?

I am 100% going to continue using this product. It never occurred to me to use a dehumidifier to help with drying laundry. I am converted”

“I have been recommending it to everyone. It is honestly brilliant; I wouldn’t be without one for laundry over winter now”

Whether you don’t have the space for a tumble dryer, have too much laundry and not enough time, or have a build up of condensation – the decision was unanimous; all 10 Mumsnetters said they would continue to use the dehumidifier for all of their laundry drying needs.

Still not convinced? Watch our indoor laundry drying video here to see the difference a dehumidifier can make to you and your home.

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