Prevent Condensation and Protect Your Home

14th Sep 2023

Ebac have 50 years of experience in solving condensation

Condensation and excess moisture can propagate damp and mould growth. Both of these can impact your health and damage your home. Here we have given you some top tips to prevents condensation before it even starts to show.

Prevent Condensation and Protect Your Home

Run a dehumidifier before any problems start

Condensation occurs when the Relative Humidity rises to 100%. The air cannot hold any more moisture and it condenses the excess moisture on the coldest surface area it can find in your home, which is usually a window pane or other cold surface.

Excess moisture can penetrate your walls and wall cavities causing interstitial condensation which damages the structure of your home. Condensation and dampness usually occur during the winter months when low outside temperatures cool external walls causing condensation and/or mould to form.

Prevent Condensation and Protect Your Home

In order to prevent any condensation forming, we advise you to run your dehumidifier before these problems start to occur. This then regulates the humidity in the air in your home and is accustomed to the conditions in your home so it can then work to its highest efficiency when the cooler months come.

Damp homes also feel cooler. Using a dehumidifier will allow you to reduce your thermostat by 1 degree, with no discernible difference in the feeling of warmth in your home, saving you energy and money.

Dry laundry in one room

Drying your laundry inside on an airer may be better for your clothes, but it causes a lot of excess moisture to build up in the air in your home. It is best to dry your laundry inside one room in your house with a dehumidifier in so that any excess moisture produced by the clothes does not have a chance to enter your walls.

The dehumidifier will attract this moisture straight away to prevent any problems with damp or mould.

Use Smart Control

Using Ebac’s Smart Control function will allow your dehumidifier to adjust automatically to any changes in the environment, preventing problems and scientifically monitoring the situation. Smart Control gathers data from the air in your house and automatically adjusts operation to match the need rather than to control an arbitrary relative humidity.

Smart Control guarantees that the dehumidifier runs enough to prevent dampness and condensation but not too much to waste large amounts of electricity. Ebac’s patented Smart Control technology save’s you up to 35% of running costs compared to other dehumidifiers.

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