Solve condensation problems quickly with Ebac

4th Oct 2023

Solutions for condensation with a dehumidifier

Solve condensation problems quickly with Ebac

Constant condensation in your home can be extremely annoying, especially of you notice it affecting your daily life. From September to March, when the weather and the air outside is cold, is when condensation is most likely to appear in your home.

Even though this dampness or condensation may only be a problem in one part of your home, the source of this excess moisture will be coming from a number of places. The bathroom, the kitchen and people are all sources of moisture being generated in the home. Modern houses are like sealed boxes in the sense that moisture created every day builds up and has no way of escaping.

The only way to effectively solve this problem is through the use of a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers solve problems with condensation in the home by acting as the coolest surface so that the excess moisture in the air is attracted to it, rather than to and cold windows or walls. Dehumidifiers also have a container that collects this water from the air so that you can dispose of it safely without it damaging your home.

Most dehumidifiers in the market work using a manual humidistat that has to be changed by you at different points throughout the day in order to provide maximum efficiency. If you don’t do this, then the dehumidifier will have higher running costs and lower efficiency. That is why here at Ebac, our scientists have developed a unique Smart Control system so you don’t have to do any of the work.

Ebac dehumidifiers work to the highest efficiency.

Our Smart Control humidistat works by measuring the changing conditions in the air in your home every thirty minutes. The settings in the humidistat then change accordingly to provide you with the best results from your dehumidifier and to free your home from any excess moisture, therefore resulting in no problems with dampness or mould.

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