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Engineered to be the best dehumidifier to protect your home & family for years. Smart Control monitors the humidity level and controls moisture automatically.

5-Year Warranty

The 3850 has a 5-year warranty. Complete peace of mind for 5 years and many more beyond that. Only available when buying direct with Ebac.

One Touch Control

Simple control system – every setting can be accessed with one touch of a button. Smart Control is the optimal way to control your dehumidifier.

Low Running Costs

Reduces running costs by up to £113 a year. By learning about your home, we can optimise when the dehumidifier runs and reduce running costs accordingly.

Engineered to be the best dehumidifier to protect your home and family. Smart Control monitors and automatically adapts humidity and moisture levels to prevent damp and condensation.

Ebac’s most advanced dehumidifier the 3850e is the ultimate multi-functional dehumidifier providing outstanding performance and reliability. The 3850e features Ebac's patented Smart Control which tracks and varies performance throughout the day and automatically switches on and off in response to your home's changing environment and humidity level. User friendly, proactive and incredibly economical to run. Smart Control can save £80 to £100 per year in running costs compared with humidistat controlled dehumidifiers. The 3850e has a dedicated laundry mode to provide a quick and effective method of drying laundry indoors, whilst the air purification mode filters the air to ensure a healthy home by cleaning the air from pollen, dust, smoke and other airborne pollutants.


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Please note: Exchanges will be made like for like or a refund will be issued.

*Please note we do not offer a repairs service to any units which are 10 years or older.


Free UK returns on all manufacturing faults reported.

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Further Information:

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Dimensions & Weight



54 Centimeters


34 Centimeters


26.5 Centimeters


13 Kg



Extraction & Capacity


Water container capacity

3.5 litres

Comes With


Included filter

Carbon filter x1

Filter options

Carbon, Antibacterial





CE approval


UKCA approval


Electrical approval


EMC approval




Electrical & Operating Requirements


Dehumidifier type


Min operating temp


Max operating temp


Noise level

44 dBa

Speed settings


Permanent drainage option

Yes - bought separately

Cable tidy


Laundry drying option


Castor option

Yes - bought separately

Integrated carry handle


Intelligent defrost


Daily running cost




App Control


Container full indicator


Boost mode




Control System

Smart Control



Suitable For


Home size


Home size bedrooms

up to 4 bedrooms

Home size people

3 to 4 people

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Suitable for family sizes up to 5 people

Perfect for homes with up to 5 bedrooms

Smart Control automatically adapts to all house and family sizes

Guaranteed to solve all damp and condensation issues quickly

Low energy, this dehumidifier consumes a max of 190w

Estimated daily running cost of just £0.45 per day

Get the Smart Control advantage

Smart Control is much more sophisticated that humidistats. It monitors the moisture levels in your home and controls the dehumidifier to prevent damp and condensation.

The biggest improvement in dehumidifier control systems this century

Smart Control automatically measures and remembers the humidity levels in your home. It then automatically switches on the dehumidifier when the levels start to rise and switches off when the humidity levels fall.

Over 100,000 Ebac customers have switched to Smart Control

Humidistats were once the only way to control a dehumidifier until Ebac invented Smart Control. Now customers choose automatic Smart Control over older humidistat controlled dehumidifiers.

The One touch and leave Smart Control to do the rest

Smart Control is far more convenient as it prevents constant manual adjustment and saves up to 30% wasted in running costs. Faster solution to the problem of damp and condensation with lower running costs.

Why you need Smart Control

The optimal level of humidity in your home varies throughout the day. The weather, temperature and moisture created from washing, cooking, and breathing all impact the relative humidity level. Smart Control tracks and varies the dehumidifier controls automatically to take account of all these variables so you don’t have to.

Designed for the UK climate

The 3850e is specifically designed for the temperate climate conditions of the UK. We have a unique climate – relatively mild and usually very wet with many variances from day to day. The 3850e’s heat exchange and air flow technology have been primed to handle these conditions and Smart Control handles the variable conditions with ease.

One touch control

Simple control system – every setting can be accessed with one touch of a button. Smart Control is the optimal way to control your dehumidifier.

5 Year Warranty

The 3850e has a 5-year warranty. Complete peace of mind for 5 years, and many more beyond that. Only available when buying direct with Ebac.

Adaptive extraction rate

Smart Control adjusts the 3850e to match the variable conditions in your home. Always taking out enough moisture to prevent damp and condensation, but not too much.

Air Purification

Remove pollen, pet hairs and bacteria with the air purifier setting. Choose from a carbon filter to remove odour and keep your home fresh or anti-bac that removes germs, bacteria and mould spores.

Hydrophilic coated heat exchanger

High water extraction per unit of energy consumed with Ebac’s specially designed heat exchange technology.

Low running costs

Reduces running costs by up to 32.4%. By learning about your home, we can optimise when the dehumidifier runs and reduce running costs accordingly.

Suitable for all house sizes

Removes exactly the right amount of moisture to stop and prevent damp and condensation problems in all UK homes

Fully enclosed water container

A large 2.5 litre, fully enclosed water container ensures no spillage, easy to empty and you won’t need to empty it every day.

Hidden water container

Integrated inside the unit. Easy to open, and integrated handle makes in easy to remove.

Changeable filters

Carbon, anti-bacterial and pollen filters help clean the air as we reduce moisture.

Slim & unobtrusive

Our slim profile fits against any wall in any room. With a depth of just 10.6 inches (26.5cm) and a width of 13.6 inches (34cm)

Dry Laundry easily

The 3850e can be used to dry laundry quickly and without damaging clothes. Use an Ebac drying to tent further speed up drying.

Electricity costs

Ebac dehumidifiers remove moisture in the air which makes your home will feel warmer, meaning you can turn down your thermostat by 1 degree and it will still feel the same temperature. The 3850e also emits latent heat from the heat exchanger. The combination of both these factors makes Ebac dehumidifiers almost energy neutral. The 3850e using Smart Control will only cost around £0.43 per day

50 years of dehumidifier manufacturing expertise
The most trusted dehumidifier brand

For 50 years Ebac has advised the Government, the British Army, London Underground and many other major businesses on dehumidification. We are the only brand of dehumidifiers made in the UK for an uninterrupted 50 years.

Ebac has manufactured over 1 million dehumidifiers. We are the only company that actually makes dehumidifiers in the UK, specifically for the UK climate. We manufacture desiccant and refrigerant models with extraction rates up to 150 litres per day. We have made products for the Ministry of Defence, London Underground, the Channel Tunnel and have made custom products for retailers like Argos.

When you buy a dehumidifier from Ebac you can be 100% confident that it will solve your damp and condensation problems. We offer a money back guarantee in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied. Choosing a Ebac dehumidifier is the safest decision you will ever make.

One button control

Simply press the smart control button to activate. Then activate any other mode with a single touch. No complicated instructions or controls.

Powerful air flow

Our unique air flow system, sucks in moisture air and traps it, releasing warm dry air into your home.

Permanent drain*

A hose can be connected that bypasses the collection container and allows your to drain water outside or down a drain. *Pipe is an optional extra.

Quiet Operation

Lower fan speed for quieter operation.

Intelligent Defrost

Computer controlled defrosts system ensures the 3850e maintains maximum efficiency at all times.

Lowest carbon footprint

All Ebac dehumidifiers are made in the UK. We have the lowest carbon footprint of any dehumidifier brand sold in the UK as all other brands are imported from China.

First class components

Ebac’s high quality compressor reduces noise, vibration and lasts much longer. As the heart of a dehumidifier – it needs to be one of the best. Every component is specially engineered and produced by Ebac to be the very best.

Can't Decide? Let us help

Choosing the right dehumidifier is very important, let us help you choose. From desiccant to refrigerant, not all dehumidifiers get the job done properly, so make sure you choose the right one. If you would prefer to speak to one of our highly experienced advisors, please give us a call on 0345 805 0000 or chat here.

Auto shut off

The 3850e automatically shuts off when the water container is full. A red light indicates the unit needs emptied.

Integrated carry handles

Move the 3850e around easily with these integrated handles. Two on the side and one behind.

Cable Tidy

Neatly and safely wrap the power cable on the integrated cable tidy. Safer and looks much nicer. Also handy when in storage.

Castor Kit *

The 3850e has the option of adding castors. Ordered separately and added by pushing them into the predrilled holes. Making the unit easy to wheel around.

Allergies & dust mites

By maintaining lower humidity levels and filtering the air - we control allergens and dust mites. Resulting in a better, healthier home

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Price Range

£249 to £349

£259 to £369

£269 to £399

£189 to £219


H: 54cm
W: 34cm
D: 26.5cm

H: 50cm
W: 32.5cm
D: 27.5cm

H: 54.5cm
W: 34cm
D: 26.5cm

H: 54.5cm
W: 34cm
D: 26.5cm

Bucket Size





Smart AI Control
App Control
Laundry Mode
Option Free Castors
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