Are You Wasting Money on a Dehumidifier with a Poor Control System?

18th March 2024

Are You Wasting Money on a Dehumidifier with a Poor Control System?

In your dreams of buying a humidifier, do you envisage having to constantly switch it on and off? With some, that’s the only option to save your energy bills from rising catastrophically. Ebac offers a solution with their Smart Control system.

In this article, we analyse the main types of control systems, so when it comes to buying a dehumidifier, you know what’s best.

Control System Types

Manual humidistat and Smart Control are the two primary types of control systems. Other less common types include: electronic humidistats and continuous operation.

  • Manual Humidistats

Dehumidifiers with manual humidistats have an adjustable dial. You can control the settings by selecting the desired humidity.

When that humidity level is maintained, the dehumidifier switches off. Dehumidifiers must work at low and high Relative Humidity to remove moisture and thus prevent condensation build-up.

So, for the manual humidistat to be continually effective, you must frequently adjust the settings.

  • Smart Control

Ebac developed a Smart Control system. It solves the problem of needing to endlessly change your dehumidifier’s settings. A dehumidifier with Smart Control will automatically monitor your home’s moisture levels every 30 minutes.

The dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air until the moisture levels fall. If the moisture levels drop below a certain point, the dehumidifier will simply switch itself off. It also checks the Relative Humidity and is programmed to know that moisture levels may be high even when humidity is low.

This system is super-efficient and does all the altering, so you don’t have to. What’s more, it can save you up to £55 a year!

  • Electronic Humidistat

Dehumidifiers with electronic humidistats are just like those with manual humidistats. The only difference is that they have push buttons and a digital readout instead of an adjustable dial.

  • Continuous Operation

With these dehumidifiers, it’s all in the name. Once you turn it on, it’ll just keep going. It doesn’t monitor moisture or humidity, so it has no way to gauge when it should or shouldn’t be on.

This control system is highly inefficient and will quickly increase your energy bills.

Which to Choose?

When choosing a control system, there’s a clear winner. Smart Control is the most efficient, better for our planet, and won’t waste your money on unneeded energy!

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