Solve Condensation with our Checklist

9th May 23

Our checklist solves all condensation issues fast

At the time, condensation may seem like a problem that never goes away. Lucky for you, we have given you a 6-point checklist to solve all of your condensation problems.

Solve Condensation With Our Checklist

1. Run a dehumidifier before any problems start

Preventing condensation can be much easier than solving it, however, with a dehumidifier, both are simple. By running a dehumidifier before any problems with condensation occur, you will prevent any damage to your home

2. Dry laundry in one room

If you currently dry your clothes on a radiator or a clothes airer, then as the clothes dry, the moisture contained within them is transferred to the surrounding air, creating more moisture in your home. If the excess moisture in the air has nowhere to escape, it will condense on cold surfaces such as windows, walls and other surfaces throughout your home.

Solve Condensation With Our Checklist

You cannot see moisture in the air, but too much can damage your home. Drying clothes indoors can release on average up to 5 litres (9 pints) of water. This extra moisture can lead to condensation, damp or mould problems. A dehumidifier is a great economical space saving alternative.

3. Close doors when cooking/in the bathroom

Solve Condensation With Our Checklist

Lots of excess moisture is produced when cooking or showering, so shutting doors whilst doing either of these will prevent this moisture form moving around your home and potentially penetrating your walls, causing damage, or creating dampness or mould.

4. Don’t switch your dehumidifier on and off – let it run

Running your Ebac dehumidifier all day will make sure that Smart Control is monitoring the changing conditions in your home. This means that it will change the setting accordingly and provide the best solution and outcome to the excess moisture in the air in your home

5. Check and empty the water container daily

Making sure you check and empty your water container daily will help the running of your dehumidifier. This allows more water to be collected from the air and for smoother running

6. Use Smart Control

Ebac’s patented Smart Control technology is an intelligent software system that automatically controls the operation of your Ebac dehumidifier. Smart Control is a fully automatic digital humidistat. It constantly monitors the levels of moisture in your home and automatically controls the dehumidifier to ensure it is switched on only when it needs to be. It is super intelligent and can determine that even if the relative humidity is low, there still may be excess moisture.

Smart Control is fully automatic. Once you switch your dehumidifier on and select Smart Control, you don’t need to make any adjustments to the controls, it simply runs and sleeps when it needs to. Smart Control personalises your dehumidifier to your home.

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