Condensation in Your Property - We Can Help

23rd Mat 2023

Condensation in Homes is a Big Issue - We Can Help

How does it appear?

Condensation in Your Property - We Can Help

Moisture builds up from doing everyday things; cooking; showering; drying laundry and even breathing, and it has no way of escaping your home. That is why, when the weather gets colder, condensation is more likely to appear on your windows and in your walls. This is because the moisture in the air is attracted to the coldest point in the house which, in winter and the cooler months, is your windows and walls.

Most people think by opening windows, that will eradicate any problems they are having with condensation, but this is not true.

Condensation in Your Property - We Can Help

How does condensation affect your home?

Condensation can affect your home in many ways. It can get into gaps in the wall structure and damage it, therefore over time causing it to deteriorate in quality. Excess moisture in your home can also cause problems with mould and dampness, both of which can affect your home and your health.

Damp and excess moisture in your home can cause windows to rust or rot or plaster to perish. In extreme cases, if left for too long, the moisture can even damage electrics.

How to fix it

There is only one tried and tested way to fix problems with condensation and excess moisture – a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers act as the coolest point in your home, in turn attracting the excess moisture away from windows and walls and to it instead. The moisture then condenses on this cool surface and is collected and stored in a safe container for easy disposal down the sink.

Ebac’s patented Smart Control is a feature on our dehumidifiers that constantly monitors the conditions in your home and adapts accordingly to provide you with the best results at the lowest running cost possible. For the best results, you should leave your Ebac dehumidifier on all the time and the Smart Control feature will do all of the adjustments for you. Read more about Smart Control here.

Condensation can hugely affect your home and your health. If you notice any condensation in your home, now you know how to prevent it from damaging where you live. Head over to our website to see our full range of dehumidifiers.

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